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Founded in 1992, Baolongda Group is engaged in laptops, tablets, smartphones,
computers High-tech private enterprises that develop, produce and sell electronic
products such as high-performance boards and LCD modules.

①"Forbes China's Potential Enterprise List" list of companies

② The company has strong R&D and supply capabilities, and cooperates with a
number of multinational brand companies in research and development and mass
production of notebook computers and tablet PCs.

③ Major partners include Lenovo, Google, Intel, HTC, Great Wall, Hisense, Tsinghua
Tongfang and Founder and other major computer and mobile phone manufacturers.

④ Overseas markets involve the United States, South Korea, Canada, Germany, Spain,
Mexico, Brazil, and South Africa.

⑤ More than 2,000 employees, annual sales of nearly 4 billion yuan.At present, the
company is in a period of rapid development, and gradually adjusts to a diversified
business group focusing on information technology, and has increased business modules
such as financial investment, commercial real estate, and catering management.

⑥ The company is headquartered in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, with branch offices
in Beijing and Hefei, and an industrial park covering 600 acres in Hefei.

Annual output value

40 亿

R & D personnel

300 +


27 years


2000 +

Annual output



Company Culture

  • Our Mission

    Create a wonderful future with information technology

  • corporate vision

    Become the most trusted information product provider in the world

  • Core value

    Integrity and truth-seeking, passion and innovation

  • Enterprise spirit

    Innovation is the soul, continuous improvement



The culture of Baolongda is created by history. The spirit of Baolongda is passed down by us. When we love this and indulge in it, when we are satisfied with the comfort of work and the pleasure of our career, we should remember Baolongda. Those hard years of grassroots entrepreneurship, the magnificent heroic footprints on the road to growth...

【Hard work(1992-1997)】

In May 1992, the predecessor of Baolongda and the Beijing Haidian Wandao Electronic Technology Development Department were established in Zhongguancun. At the beginning of the business, with a keen sense of the market, the company decisively chose the R&D and manufacturing of computer components, and started from semi-manual manufacturing through technological improvement and innovation, starting from products with low equipment and capital requirements. The new products that are urgently needed in the market opened the first window of opportunity in the market. Later, in response to the needs of the market, it has developed printer sharing devices, TV cards, decompression cards, modems and other products, and relied on flexible product conversion methods to take root in the market.

In 1994, with the publication of academic papers, I won the opportunity to go to Wuhan for free. In the same year, the company's only software product (SDAS data analysis and statistical software) emerged at the exhibition. For the first time, Wandao Company exhibited its branded products in Beijing in the form of a free brand. This is also the prototype of the company's business sales.

At the end of 1996, it officially cooperated with Lenovo, and the main business of the company moved from Beijing to Shenzhen.

In 1997, Beijing Baolongda Information Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established on the basis of Wandao Electronic Technology Development Department. After five years of market baptism, the company has continuously summed up its experience in the exploration and trial of the advancement, and has formed its own highly competitive products, and began to focus on providing card development and manufacturing services for large customers.

At that time, the board market was the world of Taiwanese products. A new brand like Baolongda, which was first introduced, it is not an easy task to occupy a place. However, our entrepreneurial team is based on the strength of unyielding, with strong professional ability, perseverance, hard work, under the simple conditions, developed a high-quality board products. Excellent quality is the golden key to knocking out customers. Baolongda's products are constantly praised by customers, and the sales of boards are rising. The brand of Baolongda is also well-known in the industry and has been recognized by more and more customers.

【Fertile soil(1998-2007)】

At the beginning of 1997, Baolongda, which was in the growth stage, quietly took the step of southward. First, it set up a R&D management center in Shenzhen. In 2000, it established Shenzhen Liyi Electronics Co., Ltd., which gradually shifted its business to Shenzhen.

South Shenzhen, it can be said that Baolong reached a new starting point in the long journey. As an entrepreneur's “technical highland and innovative fertile soil”, Shenzhen's scale advantage, talent advantage and industrial supporting advantages have become an important driving force for the development of Baolongda. Moving to Shenzhen, Baolongda's supply chain has become simpler, more efficient, and its production capacity has been greatly improved. At the same time, it has attracted a large number of outstanding talents from across the country to integrate into our passionate, harmonious and happy family to promote Baolong. A booming business.

In 2007, Shenzhen Lisheng Electronics Co., Ltd. was officially renamed as Shenzhen Baolongda Information Technology Co., Ltd., and all of Beijing Baolongda's computer board business was transferred to Shenzhen Baolongda.

Starting from Shenzhen, Baolongda has turned from small workshop production to large workshop manufacturing, gradually transforming into modern and standardized enterprises, and its technical strength, production capacity and service capacity are continuously strengthened. By 2007, Baolongda's business income exceeded 600 million yuan. In the mainland independent graphics business market, Baolongda occupied an absolute leading position, and with Lenovo, HP, Foxconn, Tongfang, Founder, TCL, Qixi, Great Wall Such well-known brands in the industry have established strategic partnerships.

Without the wind and waves, there is no courage to tide up the tide; without thorns, there is no unyielding pioneer. The growth of Baolongda stems from our firmness, resoluteness and perseverance. It stems from our pragmatism, calmness and wisdom. It stems from the pursuit of dreams by every Baolong Daren every day and year. We are fertile in a pragmatic and pragmatic manner, constantly surpassing our customers' expectations, surpassing ourselves, consolidating our business and expanding our future!

【Innovation breakthrough(2008-2012)】

In 2008, Shenzhen Baolongda Information Technology Co., Ltd. completed the shareholding system transformation. This year, the world financial crisis came, the market for computer board business was relatively saturated, the company's development encountered bottlenecks, and the decision-making layer finally decided to “strategic breakout” and chose to enter the notebook business and mobile phone module business. In 2008, it officially invested in the MB business unit, which is mainly responsible for the R&D, design and production of Lenovo customers' notebook computers, 2-in-1 notebook computers and tablet PCs. Facts have proved that the development of new business has made our development soar. From the multi-round PK to take Lenovo's business, the company has entered the fast lane of development.

In 2009, Shenzhen Baolongda Optoelectronics Division was formally established.

In 2010, Hefei Technology Park was put into construction and completed and put into operation in 2011. The total investment of Baolongda Hefei High-tech Industrial Park is 2 billion yuan, which will form an annual production capacity of 10 million notebook computers, 15 million computer series boards and 50 million LCD modules. Since 2009, the company's annual sales volume has continued to grow, and its performance has been on the rise.

In 2012, the company's business has grown to the size of the group, involving six major business modules: information technology, financial investment, industrial real estate, catering management, commercial real estate, and equity investment.



  • 2017

    Municipal Enterprise Engineering Technology Research Center

  • Through train company


  • 2015

    National High-Tech Enterprise

  • 2014

    Economic Development Zone Outstanding Contribution Award

  • 2013

    Excellent innovation enterprise in the national electronic information industry

  • 2012

    Top 100 high-tech enterprises

  • 2011

    Lenovo Global Cooperation Win-Win Award

  • 2010

    Private leading enterprise



Major partners include Lenovo, Google, Intel, HTC, Great Wall, Hisense, Haier, Tsinghua Tongfang and Founder and other major computer and mobile phone manufacturers.

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